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Dance Classes

Weekly Dance Classes in Glasgow. Open Level, unless otherwise specified 

Cuban Salsa Partnerwork Class Glasgow

Cuban Salsa

Salsa dancing is renowned for its dynamic and expressive movements, captivating enthusiasts in social dance circles worldwide. It offers a delightful blend of physical activity and artistic expression, making it a popular choice for those seeking a fun and engaging form of exercise.

Learning Salsa isn't strenuous; in fact, it's a joyful activity enjoyed by many. Whether practiced at home or in a studio, alone or with a partner, Salsa dancing offers a versatile and enjoyable way to stay active. Beyond its physical benefits, Salsa is also a fantastic source of entertainment, infusing energy into your day and enhancing social interactions.


Cuban Salsa 1-Day Intensive:

Designed to propel you beyond the basics in just a single day, this unique experience offers five hours of expert tuition, providing you with the skills and confidence to take your dancing to new heights. 

As the first of its kind in Scotland, this intensive workshop promises an unforgettable day filled with laughter, learning, and plenty of Salsa magic.

  • Schedule:

    • Selected Saturday throughout the year (check our Calendar for upcoming dates)

    • 12.30am-5.30pm (doors open at 12pm, includes an hour for lunch and breaks throughout)

    • Tea/coffee/water & fruit/snacks provided

Cuban Salsa Partnerwork (Beginners II & Improvers):

Enjoy the rhythms of Cuban Salsa in a welcoming and fun atmosphere.


If you have completed our Absolute Beginners course, this is the ideal next step for anyone looking to dive further into the world of Cuban Culture.

  • Schedule: 

    • 4 week course (check our Workshops & Events page for upcoming course start dates)

    • Wednesday - 7:35pm-8:35pm & 8:40pm-9:40pm (followed by FREE BYOB Salsa and Bachata Social - 9:45pm-12am)

    • Thursday - 6:30pm-7:30pm

Argentine Tango Classes Glasgow

Argentine Tango

Tango is a sophisticated and elegant dance that comes alive as you and your dance partner move together, creating a beautiful connection with each other and the music. You will be explained the essence of tango embrace, how to connect and non-verbally communicate with your partner, how to read the body language, and how to convey the intention, express your needs and take care of the couple's wellbeing.

  • Schedule: 

    • Open Level

    • Wednesday - 6:30pm-7:30pm

Argentine Tango Classes Glasgow
bellydance classes Glasgow


Bellydance is an elegant, highly expressive, beauty and cultural art form. It empowers women by giving them the confidence to embrace their bodies and developing strength and fitness. It’s an uplifting and fun dance to rediscover our inner goddess and increase self-love.

This beautiful Middle East dance class includes lots of drills and combinations to work out your entire body. Get your heart pumping and make you sweat by learning new exciting moves.

  • Schedule: 

    • Open Level

    • Wednesday - 6:30pm-7:30pm


Punking, later on known as Waacking/ Whacking is a style that emerged in the 1970s underground gay clubs of LA by people of colour. It's recognised by the behaviour/attitude, posing and striking with force. This is a dynamic dance which uses a lot of sharp arm movements, storytelling and freedom. The dance became popular through Soul Train and so often danced to disco music, but we like to use various music genres to create different feelings and tell different stories.

  • Schedule: 

    • Open Level 

    • Tuesday - 8:40pm-9:55pm

whacking classes glasgow
Afrobeats classes glasgow


Step into the vibrant world of Afrobeats with our energizing dance class, perfect for dancers of all skill levels! This class features a rich mix of African dance styles, including Afro, Amapiano, and Ndombolo, among others, offering a full spectrum of the continent's most captivating rhythms and moves. AfroBeats will have you grooving to rhythms and beats, learning both old and new school African movements.

The class will encourage you to explore tradition whilst celebrating the variety of African culture! Each session is beginner-friendly, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their dance background, can join in and experience the joy and energy of Afrobeats. Dive into the lively beats and learn new dance routines in a fun, supportive environment that celebrates the diversity of African dance.

  • Schedule: 

    • Open Level 

    • Thursday - 7:35pm-8:35pm


This fitness class transcends beyond mere exercise; it embodies a philosophy, an attitude, and a vibrant way of life. Rooted in fun, inclusivity, and upliftment, we strive to foster a community where everyone can achieve their personal best while enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle.

Founded by Alain Hernandez, a Havana-native turned UK resident, CUBAtone® merges his passion for fitness with his eye for style. Recognizing a need for quality, affordable activewear that celebrates all body types, Alain created a unique collection that embodies the essence of the CUBAtone® brand—inclusive, vibrant, and empowering.

Anneta La Rusa is proud to work alongside Alain as an ambassador of the brand, marking its debut in Scotland. Join us as we redefine fitness, one joyful step at a time.

  • Schedule:

    • Wednesday - 9:45am-10:30am

    • Thursday - 5:30pm-6:15pm

cubatone fitness class
SOS Dance Classes Glasgow

SOS Dance

Discover a super inclusive, VIP dance experience that will transform your confidence. All SOS routines are created by the world’s top backing dancers who work with Lizzo, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Dua Lipa, JLo, Little Mix and many more! The same routine is then taught by our exceptional BOSSES at every SOS location, worldwide.

New studio routines are released every two weeks!

  • Schedule:

    • Open Level

    • Tuesday - 6:30pm-7:30pm

Ladies Cuban Style

Femininity, elegance, and sass meet in a dynamic Cuban body movement experience!

Whether you're an absolute beginner or a seasoned enthusiast in Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, or just movement in general, this class is tailored to elevate your skills and confidence.

In this class, expect to delve into the fundamentals with technique drills, isolations, and arm styling, all while mastering the art of hip movement. You'll also learn exciting take-home routines that embody the spirit of Cuban dance, from Salsa to Rumba, Son, Mambo, and beyond. 

Unleash your diva and passion for Cuban dance in an environment that celebrates skill, creativity, and the joy of movement!

  • Schedule:

    • Monthly Saturdays (check our Workshops & Events page for upcoming dates)​​

    • Ladies Cuban Style (Basics) -11.30am-12.30pm 

    • Ladies Cuban Style (Intr./Adv.) - 1:00pm-2:30pm

Ladies Cuban Style Glasgow
rumba skirtology classes glasgow

Ladies Rumba "Skirtology"

Elevate your skills and confidence as you explore the intricacies of Rumba Guaguancó with a special focus on the mesmerizing language of the ladies' skirt/scarf movements. Delve into tips, tricks, and improvisation techniques that will add depth and flair to your dance repertoire.

This class is perfect for anyone familiar with Rumba basics and ready to take their skills to new heights or has attended our Ladies Cuban Style (Basics) class.

Join us as we unlock the secrets of Rumba's sensual rhythms and unleash your inner diva on the dance floor!

  • Schedule: 

    • Monthly Saturdays (check our Workshops & Events page for upcoming dates)

    • 1.00pm-2:30pm 

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